The Significance of Lascaux Cave Paintings Back in Those Days

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34-9Lascaux cave paintings have made Vezere valley in France a UNESCO World Heritage Site, since 1979. It is famous for the surrealistic images of animals that research reveals lived 15,000 years ago. They were part of the discovery made on 12 September, 1940. The caves were chanced upon by four teenagers, and their dog. After World War II, the site was opened to the general public. However, the increasing number of visitors resulted in an unprecedented release of carbon dioxide and visible damage to the paintings.

In 1963, the caves were officially closed to the public, with the intent of restoration and preservation of the art. Today, the Lascaux paintings are monitored regularly and the sites have been segregated on the basis of exhibit into:

Great Hall of the Bulls
Lateral Passage
Shaft of the Dead Man
Chamber of Engravings
Painted Gallery
Chamber of Felines


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Mobile Spy Software–Top Among The Line

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How to Get a Painting Contractor’s License in California

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34-8Painting contractors are hired to paint, varnish, or waterproof the surfaces of different structures. The job is not restricted to using paints alone; textures, papers, adhesives, wax, fillers, stains, oils, varnishes, thinners, pigments, fabrics, etc., are used as well. According to the law, it is mandatory for every contractor to possess a license. To be precise, you need a license if your contract value exceeds USD 500. This value is the combined cost of labor and materials.

Also, every construction bidding process requires their contractors to be licensed. You have to provide your license while presenting your bid. This is true in most states of the U.S., including California. To know what you need to get a painting contractor’s license in California, read the paragraphs that follow.

General Requirements


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4 Dependable and Good Alternatives to Tack Cloth

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34-7Make Your Own Tack Cloth!
Take any cotton cloth and cut it into small pieces. Dip them into warm water to completely clean them and then dry them. Dip the dried pieces in turpentine so that they saturate. After they dry completely, roll them into a ball and then pour varnish on the ball. Make sure that the cloth gets an even yellow color. Now, wait for it to dampen and then you can try it.
Tack cloth is just a sticky cloth used for many different purposes. It is especially used to clean minute dust particles accumulating on wood prior to sanding and painting. It is also used to clean wood between a coating of stain or sealant. The cloth will help clean the small dirt and debris without affecting the previous coat.

Tack cloth is produced by treating any cloth with varnish, lacquer, or beeswax. Some types can be water-based or solvent-based. Some treatments can be harmful to the atmosphere or can react with some paints, hence tack cloths require specific storage space too. Owing to these disadvantages, some people make it at home or use different substitutes. Here are some easily available substitutes that you can use.
Best Alternatives to a Tack Cloth
Microfiber Cloth
Microfabric Cloth
Microfiber cloth is a great alternative because its great absorption ability of holding enough water (8 times its weight). It is soft, which is why it won’t scratch off the paint or coating. But, make sure that the previous particles have been removed from it. It is reusable, which makes it long-lasting. Besides, it won’t leave any residue on the surface and your hand.
Electrostatic Cloth
This cloth is actually treated with chemicals so that it has a negative energy that can attract particles to it. It is available in washable or disposable forms. It should be used when it is completely dry to avoid any moisture from destroying the surface. The best part about this cloth is that even after washing, it retains its ability to attract dirt particles.
Furniture Polish
Furniture Cloths
As a replacement for tack cloth, use a lint-free cotton cloth with furniture polish sprayed on it. The polish helps clean all the dirt particles and will leave no residue on the wood. Another advantage is that you can reuse the cloth by washing it (as long as it is clean!) There are many brands of polish, but make sure that you do not buy a silicone-based spray because it may hamper the finish.
Naphtha/Mineral spirits
Naphtha and mineral spirits can be used with linen-free cotton cloth as alternative to a tack cloth. Naphtha is a flammable liquid that has been used for cleaning for many years. Mineral spirits is a mild solvent, which similar to turpentine. A major drawback is that both cleaning agents can leave an oily residue. The solution to this is to use very little amount of cleaning agent or make sure you keep cleaning the dust off the cloth so that doesn’t ruin the surface that has to be cleaned.

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Important Things to Consider When Painting Popcorn Ceilings

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34-6Popcorn ceilings have nothing to do with popcorns, other than the fact that they have a texture which looks like popcorns stuck on the ceiling. Also known as acoustic ceilings, they are a feature of almost all buildings, built in the 70s or 80s. They were a result of cost cutting techniques, used by builders of those times. With this ceiling, they saved the smoothing cost. Fortunately, these ceilings also turned out to be a hit with buyers. Painted popcorn ceilings look great if painted in a typical way with the right color combinations.
Protect floor and furniture
Painting a popcorn ceiling is a huge paint drip, splash and splatter experience. Paint is going to rain down in all directions. So first thing you need to do is remove, as much furniture as you can, from the room being painted. If removing furniture is not possible, cover the furniture with plastic sheets or cloth. Spread sheets on the floor to avoid a floor scrubbing project later! Use masking paper, masking tape and plastic to cover the walls and furniture. To prevent them from getting painted, remove all the light fixtures from the room or pack them thoroughly. Also, before you start off, cleaning the ceiling is important. Do not clean it roughly. Take care not to dislodge the texture. You may use a feather duster for the purpose.

There is one more consideration before you go ahead. How do you paint a wall with a popcorn ceiling? You have to decide whether you are going to paint the walls, along with the ceiling or not. If you paint the walls, along with the ceiling, which is recommended, you won’t have to engage in a lot of masking. Of course, it is recommended that you paint the walls after painting the ceiling. That way, you can choose a matching color combination for the walls and ceiling. However, if you are happy with your wall color, then you have a huge wall masking task ahead. Use a lot of masking paper, plastic and tape. Make sure all of it is covered properly. Plan the entire project well and your work will be simpler.
Choosing Paint For Popcorn Ceilings
Flat sheen color for popcorn ceiling
You can choose the color of paint, according to your choice and liking. One thing to be remembered is that the quality of paint will be inversely proportional to the number of coatings and the hard work you put in. That is, better the quality of paint you use, lesser will be the number of coats needed and lesser the effort. Even one lesser coat applied will save you a lot of money and valuable time. A flat sheen color is recommended. It is not necessary that you use a shiny paint unless you live in a high humidity area. If you do live in a high humidity coastal area, then use semigloss.
Thinning Paint
Thinning the paint
One should not apply dense acrylic paint directly to the ceiling. Chances are that it will rip the popcorn texture off the ceiling. So it’s better to dilute or thin the acrylic paint up to 20%. The thinning liquid used can be water. It’s absolutely necessary that the ceiling texture soaks in the acrylic paint. Experiment with the amount of water needed, to make the paint sufficiently thin. Apply and see if it’s the right proportion. Approximately half a quarter of water for every gallon, is a reasonably good ratio and serves the purpose. Refer to the paint guide, that’s usually provided by the manufacturers for more details. You may also find information about mixing ratios on the manufacturer’s website.
Painting Methods
There are two ways in which you could paint this type of a ceiling. One is by spraying and the other is by rolling paint. Let us look in detail at both these methods.
Spray Painting
Spraying is the more enjoyable of the two methods. Here are some tips and techniques, for painting your popcorn ceiling. Buy an airless sprayer, specially designed for spray painting. Generally, two thick paints will produce excellent results. Two things should be taken into consideration. The thinning will vary with brand type of the paint. Choosing the right spray tip is very important, as that will decide your spraying pattern.
It is important that you spray the paint without breaks and it looks continuous. For this to happen, you will have to adjust the spray tip diameter, till you get it right. Before you start spraying paint on the wall, test spray on paper or cardboard.
Once you start spraying in one direction, maintain that direction. The next coat must be applied in the reverse direction. Take a break of an hour or two, between two coatings, so that the stuff dries. Doing this will ensure that an evenly spread color is painted and sheen is achieved. The entire project will cost you a few hundred dollars or more.
Rolling method of painting a popcorn ceiling
Alternatively, if you are willing to do more labor intensive work, go for painting the ceiling by rolling. This can get really messy. Don’t forget to use protective clothing, as there is going to be a lot of dripping. Also wear a headgear and safety glasses, to protect yourself from all the splashing.
Buy a lambswool roller cover or synthetic covers for the roller. Use a bucket and a roller setup to do the job. Rolling paint on this type of a ceiling is a simple job. The only problem that lies with it, is covering the edges of the ceiling. Use a separate paintbrush for that purpose. Do not apply too much pressure while rolling, as that may cause the texture to come off it. You will require three to four coats for good effect.

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